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Thermoplastic road marking paint is a 100% solid material applied at high temperature. Thermoplastic paints are applied by spray or extrusion - extruded, screed. Prefab materials are used as well for certain applications.

Thermoplastic paints are applied in a relatively thick layer in which glass beads are added (premix or Intermix beads). The Premix beads produce a constant reflectivity throughout the lifecycle of the marking material. As the road marking material wears over time new beads are exposed maintaining the retro-reflection characteristics of the road marking material. Sovitec offers a wide range of Premix glass beads called Starmixx®.

To enhance the initial visibility properties glass spheres are also dropped in the thermoplastic paint during its application (Drop-on beads). Sovitec’s Drop-on beads are categorized in three groups:

  • Echolux® Drop-on beads based on recycled glass material
  • Echostar® high performance Drop-on beads, a mixture of recycled glass material and direct melt beads
  • Echopure® high performance large Drop-on beads based on 100 % direct melt glass beads

All Sovitec Drop-on beads are CE-certified according to the European norm EN1423 and respect the internationals standards. The aforementioned grades can also be supplied in an anti-skid version (SRT).

Sovitec developed a range of surface treatments in order to improve the interaction of the glass beads with the polymer (hydrocarbon , alkyd). This specific treatment is indicated as TRM.