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2 Components

Sovitec provides glass beads solutions for 2 (2K) or 3 (3K) component products made of reactive resin either applied by spray or extrusion and are also used for profile marking or agglomerate.

For the most part of reactive recipes , Sovitec proposes a range of premix beads to be used as technical additive to enhance the spray ability and structure of the 2K/3K marking material. Sovitec offers a wide range of Premix glass beads called Starmixx®.

Depending on the thickness, structure and rheology of the 2K material, several levels of Drop-on beads are available in Sovitec’s product portfolio: Echolux® , Echostar® and  Echopure®.

These Drop-on beads are available in different variants depending on the specific requirements in terms of its night visibility in dry ( Rl ) , humid ( RW ) and rainy conditions (RR) . A special range called SRT is designed to improve anti-skid properties.

In general Sovitec’s Drop-on beads are CE-certified according to the European norm EN1423 and respect the internationals standards. The aforementioned grades can also be supplied with anti-skid version (SRT).

Based on our expertise with 2K road marking material, Sovitec developed a specific surface treatment called BCP.