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Echostar® WBP Be Fast

In order to use waterborne paints in combination with special polymer emulsions based on the Fastrack TM technology,  Sovitec® and Dow teamed up to create a specific product family called Echostar Be Fast R. This product family is applied like any other traditional Drop-on bead range.  This range of products consists of Echostar® quality glass beads including a drying accelerator called Fastrack TM QS2 (DOW Chemical).

Echostar® WBP Be Fast significantly reduces the drying times of waterborne road marking paints. This product range enables striping in humid conditions and at lower temperatures and ensures good bonding and curing of the road marking material. Due to reduced drying time traffic deviations and slowdowns are avoided and striping application time is increased reducing the overall costs of the horizontal road marking systems. 

Sovitec proposes a range of 3 particle size distributions depending on the paint material thickness.

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