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Sovitec’s Echostar® products are the result of a highly technical manufacturing process and are recognized for their excellent retro-reflection potential in dry as well as in wet conditions. The spheres have a very high physical and chemical resistance. All Echostar® glass beads are produced according to the European Norm EN1423 and comply with other international standards.

The Echostar® range exists in various particle sizes and multiple surface treatments (SBP ECO, SBP, WBP, TRM, BCP ) are available to enhance flotation, embedment and adhesion and to prevent agglomeration. The type of surface treatment depends on the type and thickness of the marking material.

Various particle sizes and surface treatments (SBP ECO , SBP , WBP , TRM , BCP ) are available depending on its intended properties and depending on the type and thickness of the marking material.

Echostar® glass beads have an excellent performance compared to classic glass beads in terms of their retro-reflectivity in dry (Rl) but also in wet conditions (RW, RR). A special range called SRT is dedicated to the antiskid version (Contact us to find out more).

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