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Sovitec’s Echopure® glass beads are worldwide recognized as the best glass beads in their class. The beads with a refractive index above 1,55 are manufactured via a unique process creating bead sizes between 400µm and 2000 µm at a quality level above 90%. All Echopure® grades are CE certified according to the European norm EN1423 and respect the US standards TTB1325 and M247.

The Echopure® range exists in various particle sizes and multiple surface treatments (SBP ECO, SBP, WBP, TRM, BCP ) are available to enhance flotation, embedment and adhesion and to prevent agglomeration. The type of surface treatment depends on the type and thickness of the marking material.

Echopure® glass beads are mainly used to enhance the visibility in dry conditions (Rl) as well as in wet conditions (RW, RR). A special range called SRT is dedicated to the antiskid version (Contact us to find out more).

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