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Sovitec’s Echolux® product range are micro glass beads with a diameter less than 1 mm . Echolux spheres are made from 100 % recycled glass. Applying Sovitec’s Echolux® glass beads is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase highway safety. All Echolux beads are produced according to the European Norm EN1423 and respect other international standards.

Sovitec’s Echolux® glass spheres are consistent in quality and composition and exhibit excellent durability. Various particle sizes and surface treatments (SBP ECO , SBP , WBP , TRM , BCP ) are available to enhance flotation, embedment and adhesion and to prevent agglomeration. The type of surface treatment depends on the type and thickness of the marking material.

A special range called SRT is dedicated for antiskid purposes (Contact us to find out more).

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