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Drop-On Beads

Horizontal marking material is made visible by the addition of Drop-on glass beads. These spheres (retro)reflect the lights from a vehicle in various weather conditions: Rl for dry conditions, RW for wet conditions and RR for rainy conditions.

Sovitec developed various type of beads with different types of surface treatments suitable for various paint systems: 

  • SBP ECO for solvent based paint without aromatic solvent 
  • SBP for solvent based paint with aromatic solvent
  • TRM for thermoplastics
  • BCP for 2 or 3 components , cold plastic or reactive paint 
  • WBP for waterborne paints

In general Sovitec Drop-on beads are CE-certified according to the European norm EN1423 and respect the internationals standards. The aforementioned grades can also be supplied with anti-skid properties (SRT). Sovitec’s Drop-on beads are divided into three performance classes:

  • Echolux® Drop-on beads based on recycled glass material
  • Echostar® high performance Drop-on beads, a mixture of recycled glass material and direct melt beads
  • Vialux® high performance large Drop-on beads based on 100 % direct melt glass beads