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Experience Glass Bead Solutions

Depending on your specific needs, your product applications as well as your manufacturing and processing situation, Sovitec provides glass bead solutions in order to improve the performance of your products by means of the use of its glass beads.

Road Marking

Sovitec’s Road marking glass beads are used to guide road users in the dark due to the presence of glass beads on its surface reflecting the lights of cars, motorcycles and bicycles. The glass spheres (retro)reflect the headlights of the vehicle to the driver, acting like a mirror...

Engineering Plastics

Sovitec’s Microperl® glass beads are widely used as a technical additive filler in various plastic components for applications such as automotive and domestic appliances, E&E products and other industries in order to improve surface aspect properties (aesthetic, scratch and abrasion resistance, dimensional stability) and its processing (faster extrusion and injection cycle time, less reject rates)...


Sovitec developed a new solid glass bead range, OMicron® to be used in coating applications requiring ultrafine glass beads. OMicron® glass beads are used in paints and coatings improving scratch, abrasion resistance, washability and enhancing the surface aspect properties in topcoats and sealers. Thanks to their shape and ball bearing effect, the glass beads improve the fluidity and the ease of application in various applications (epoxy flooring, polyester coating, SMC/BMC...)...

Surface Finishing

Aimed at various industrial applications, the Masterblast® beads are widely used in the surface finishing of various ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Glass bead blasting and peening prevent corrosion and enhances product performance while introducing compressive residual stresses at the surface...

Industrial Applications

During Sovitec’s 60 years of experience many glass beads applications were developed. Filtration, light diffusion, light refraction, fluidization, thermal insulation, antifriction, lubrication, abrasion wear resistance, ant--stick… are only some examples of the many properties which could be enhanced by the use of glass beads.

Technical Services

Sovitec’s Technical support and R&D capabilities are renowned amongst glass bead manufacturers and glass bead users. The Sovitec group is an unequivocal reference in terms of quality, R&D and technical support. For more than 60 years our R&D-team acquired a solid experience and know-how in the development and manufacturing of glass beads in all its sizes and forms and in all of its fields of  applications...