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Sovitec developed a new solid glass bead range, OMicron® to be used in coating applications requiring ultrafine glass beads.

OMicron® glass beads are used in paints and coatings improving scratch, abrasion resistance, washability and enhancing the surface aspect properties in topcoats and sealers. Thanks to their shape and ball bearing effect, the glass beads improve the fluidity and the ease of application in various applications (epoxy flooring, polyester coating, SMC/BMC...). 

OMicron® solid glass beads are used alone or combined with other additives in paints and coatings. Solid glass beads appear like a white powder but are in reality perfect spheres of soda lime glass. The glass beads are coated with a coupling agent, providing solid bonding between glass and resin and enhancing dispersion of the beads in the matrix.